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Sense Sensitive Desgn
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When buying fine art photography for you home, one factor to consider is ‘Sense Sensitive Design’. Sense Sensitive Design is the understanding of the art and science of colour. It is literally the understanding of the effect on our senses.

Colour and imagery are extremely powerful tools in your home, colour alone can affect the mood and activities of you and your guests. Powerful and moving images are often used to great effect in the workplace and boardrooms of blue chip companies.

Understanding how Sense Sensitive Design and imagery can be used to enhance your surroundings can positively affect your mood.

Much of our colour associations are learnt and are often connected to previous experiences. This being the case there is an overall pattern that connects particular ‘moods’ to certain colours.

Humans also exhibit psychological and psychophysical responses to colour and images. These responses include changes in heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, mood, attention and furthermore demonstrate the ability to provoke colour and picture associated memories.

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Using our unique approach, here are a few things that a Perfect Print can do for you...

Feel calm
Blue, red and purple have the strongest associations to perceptual mood. These colours can be seen throughout a range of sunset and sunrise images where the colour is naturally more vibrant and saturated the light often creates dramatic colours within the clouds and sky. Hues of the same colour work beautifully together, they are very subtle and harmonious and are often seen in lower contrast images where lots of blues and cyans or oranges and yellows sweep across the scene.

Be happy
Images with dominating colours through orange to yellow produce excitement and cheerfulness. Excellent choice for social and entertaining rooms initiating confidence and conversation.

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Feel rested
Images with dominating green through violet to blue are cooler and emulate tranquillity, calm and rest. These are primarily used in bedrooms and bathrooms where you have time to relax.

Be harmonious
It is also important to connect colour schemes throughout rooms for balance and harmony. A jumbled mess of colour may be very unsettling on your senses.

If you want to impress your guests, go for something huge

Our eyes can only take in very small amounts of pinpoint sharp detail at a time. When an image goes beyond our peripheral vision it is impossible to absorb all the information in one go. Large prints can overwhelm the viewer and more viewing time is naturally required. This overwhelming effect and mass of photographic detail is enough to heighten your emotions!

Sell your house

The correct use of colour is very powerful in influencing potential property buyers when selling your home. Make sure each room is individual; welcoming, comforting, bright, striking, your home will then ‘feel – worth every penny’.

Girl reading at dining table with perfect print behind

Go for something different

Close up images arouse curiosity, making what can be a very normal subject appear very unusual or ‘out of this world’. Flowers are a great example of close ups on nature and the imagery offers a striking palette of colours.

Add a sense of space

Sweeping seascapes and landscapes incorporating horizons draw your eyes into the distance, emulating a sense of depth and space. A level horizon in a seascape often induces a sense of tranquillity.

Why use photographic prints for your walls instead of paintings?

Photographic prints are a contemporary, alternative option to paintings. Photographs contain large amounts of detail and represent a scene in a similar way to our own eyes and memories. This can often cause viewers to ‘connect’ to an image through mental or physical experience. Atmosphere and ambience are also portrayed through the colour, movement and subject matter within the image. These too can provoke a connection. The absolute detail is enough to arouse curiosity and demand viewing time. Good fine art photography is inherently interesting and can connect through a number of avenues to individual viewers. At Perfect Prints.co.uk photographic prints can be customised to fit your walls and offer the versatility to be creative and personal, choosing an image to ‘wow’ your guests with a visually stunning experience, each one different from the last, and each one touching upon a different emotion than the one before.

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